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The traditional Chinese version of the shooting game “Red Sword” PS4/Switch will be officially released on December 15

Qin Zeyu 2022-11-21 15:44:40

H2 Interactive announced that it will officially release the PS4/Nintendo Switch traditional Chinese version of the shooting game “AKAIKATANA SHIN (红刀真)” developed by CAVE Interactive CO., LTD and published by CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD. on December 15. Supported languages ​​are Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.In addition, “AKAIKATANA SHIN (红刀真)” PS4/Nintendo Switch Traditional Chinese Limited Edition, which includes the original soundtrack music of the arrangement and the arcade operation instruction poster, is also scheduled to be released

“AKAIKATANA SHIN (红刀真)” is a collection of three games in the side-scrolling shooting game “AKAIKATANA (红刀真)” series from CAVE Interactive CO., LTD, which has captured many fans of passionate shooting games. Select version. Contains a total of three works of the side-scrolling shooting game “Red Sword” and the improved versions “Jeez·Red Sword” and “Red Sword”. There are also new elements including online leaderboards and newly arranged music.

This Japanese-style military game uses visual effects and gorgeous character design, depicts the story of conflict between family and old friends, and has a strategic game system through a variety of combat methods. You can enjoy the support of many blood-shooting game fans. A masterpiece of side-scrolling shooters.

■Included works

“Red Knife” – the first arcade game in the series, released in 2010. Playable for two players.

“Red Sword” – Based on “Red Sword” and changed to a version with a 16:9 screen. The balance of game mechanics has also been adjusted.

“Red Sword” – adopts the 16:9 screen home game console version, including new game elements such as “Hagane” and “Katana”.

■Two types and two different bullet shooting modes

The player will control the fighter, and can switch the giant ninja form within a certain period of time. There are two different bullet shooting modes in the game, the attack mode is stronger in force, and the defense mode can improve the movement ability. Players can use different types and modes according to the strategy to find a way to destroy the enemy.

■New original soundtrack by Daisuke Matsumoto

Daisuke Matsumoto once composed the music for “Gothic Magical Girl” and served as the sound producer of the “Red Knife” series. This time, he will present a new arrangement of music to the game’s original soundtrack. This game provides three sets of different versions of background music for players to switch, including the original sound source and a new sound track created for “Red Sword”.

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