Star Wars Jedi Survivor: a release date and a video that commands respect!

Game News Star Wars Jedi Survivor: a release date and a video that commands respect!

That’s it, we finally have the release date of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! The continuation of the adventures of Cal Kestis and BD-1 arrives very quickly after this reveal of the Game Awards. As a bonus, Electronic Arts offers us the first gameplay images. It looks very good.

Cal Kestis is back!

Expected firmly at the Game Awards by Star Wars fans, the sequel to Fallen Order showed itself generously during the ceremony. Cal Kestis and his sidekick the droid BD-1 have passed the head on the side of the number one video game event of this end of the year and let us glimpse some of their adventures which already promise to be epic.

With this new trailer, we were able to see the new techniques that our apprentice Jedi, not so much of an apprentice since then, has acquired with his training. Now a proud, seasoned knight, Cal Kestis possesses skills that would make the greatest masters of the order swoon. More versatile and agile than ever, our hero wields a single or double lightsaber as well, but also with two hands. However, unlike the first opus, this time the sequences seem to vary more seriously depending on the laser brandished.

See you next quarter

In addition to these new techniques, it seems that the gameplay wants to be more “open” than before. Cal Kestis can fight on a mount, cling to a bird to traverse the map and has new tools allowing him to cross even greater obstacles.

As a bonus, Electronic Arts also offers us the official release date of the game. We won’t have to wait long, Cal Kestis and BD-1 will be with us from March 17th. A new adventure to discover in just over three months, on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

About The Game Awards

What are the Game Awards?

It’s been some time now that the Game Awards have become an unmissable event at the end of the year. This ceremony aimed at rewarding the best games of the year has existed since 2014. There are categories (31 this year) such as the “Game of the Year”, “Best Indie Game”, “Best Innovation for Accessibility”, “Most Anticipated Game” etc It is presented by Canadian journalist Geoff Keighley, who previously officiated at the Spike Video Game Awards. But the real interest of the Game Awards is its preshow which includes its share of announcements and exclusive trailers.

When does The Game Awards 2022 start?

The Game Awards 2022 take place on the night of Thursday December 8 to Friday December 9 from 1:30 a.m. The ceremony should last at least two good hours.

How to follow the Game Awards 2022?

On JV, we will bring you the most important news during the night. The next morning, you will find the rest as well as analyzes and more in-depth recaps. No restream with us. If you want to follow the ceremony, it’s happening directly on the Game Awards Youtube and Twitch channels. And if you are looking for French channels, know that you can also follow the ceremony on the side of LeStream or the Twitch channel of this dear Panthaa.

What is the program for The Game Awards 2022?

For these Games Awards 2022, a duel at the top is announced for the title of GOTY: on the one hand the imposing Elden Ring and on the other the sequel to the GOTY of 2018, God of War: Ragnarok. A Plague Tale: Requiem is also nominated in many categories and we hope to see the French game win some prizes. On the announcement side, we already know a certain number of things. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be there, as will Hideo Kojima’s next game, which the bugger has been teasing for quite a while now. Naoki Yoshida, producer on Final Fantasy XVI, will also pass a head during the ceremony for a “very special presentation” ! Suffice to say that we expect news of Square Enix’s flagship license, and more particularly a release date for FF16. We also expect new Crash Bandicoot and Tekken 8 side. You can find all our guesses in This article.

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